The Trusted Name

STAGE RIGGERS, INC., is a rigging company that provides and leases facilities for concerts, theater productions, special events, product launches, and even weddings, sports, and religious events. Such facilities include stage platforms, lighting towers, overhead lighting trusses, speaker platforms, temporary roofing structures and covers, barricades, bleacher risers, camera platforms, etc.
The company has been in business for more than 25 years. During this time, SRI has been the leading stage rigging supplier for local and foreign shows in Manila.

SRI has a big inventory of support equipment such as steel scaffoldings, stage platforms, steel and aluminum trusses, chain hoist motors, motor controllers, electric winch motors, wireropes, spansets, and numerous rigging accessories. Other equipment for staging effects such as lifting platforms, revolving platforms, motorized and manual fly systems, curtain tracks, and others can also be made available through SRI’s own fabrication team.

Other than concert shows, SRI has been the trusted rigging supplier of television networks and various production houses.

The advertising industry is not forgotten as well. SRI has also supplied to advertising productions organized by reputable advertising agencies in our country. SRI is a member of the Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ASAP) and has been a major rigging supplier for the Ad Congress this past decade. Other organizational affiliates include the Technical Guild for Entertainment (TGE).

STAGE RIGGERS, INC., has served the entertainment industry by setting the trend towards modernization, fast setup, and public safety consciousness.

To date, STAGE RIGGERS, INC., faces a bigger challenge as it supports the entertainment and advertising industries’ vision to continuously upgrade and provide new and better equipment for the ever growing demand on stage rigging facilities.

From A Humble Beginning

Manny Inumerable, a civil engineer, graduated from the UST College of Engineering in 1975. He was one of the founders and later became president of the UST Engineering Creative Society, an inventors club that harnesses the creativity of an individual. He learned his craft in structural and formworks design by working with different companies from 1976 to 1986. Soon after the Philippines’ EDSA I Revolution in 1986, he left a construction company and started his own. With a vision of making the small company grow big, he has now revolutionized the Philippine entertainment industry.

With a background in structural engineering and construction, Manny ventured on a business that never existed in his country nearly two decades ago. He rented equipment from construction companies and built the stages for the concerts of Martin Neivera, Gary Valenciano, The APO Hiking Society, and many other local artists.

For just a short time, the “small company” simply called “EBI Engineering and Construction” (from Manny’s real name – Emmanuel Barrion Inumerable) soon earned its reputation as the “pioneer” of stage rigging in Manila. The combination of professionalism and creativity soon resulted to more projects from the government and the entertainment industry. By 1988, the growing company has been renamed to be known as STAGE RIGGERS, INC.

With benchmark projects such as Earth, Wind, and Fire and Stevie Wonder concerts during the same year, STAGE RIGGERS, INC. established itself as the biggest name in the Philippines’ stage rigging industry. In the 90’s, foreign gigs such as Bon Jovi, Metallica, Sting, Pearl Jam, Kenny G, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Miss Saigon, and so many others came to Manila and trusted STAGE RIGGERS, INC. to be their rigging contractor.

Today, STAGE RIGGERS, INC. has earned its name through fast, reliable, and safe services. It has become the TRUSTED stage rigging contractor in the Philippines.

As the only professional stage rigging company in the Philippines, STAGE RIGGERS, INC. has been constantly training people and improving itself to support the tough demands and creative innovations of the local entertainment and advertising industries.